How to Replace a Toilet

How to Replace a Toilet

Toilet in the bathroom

If you want to replace a toilet without the help of a professional, you may very well be able to succeed in this feat. With just a few simple tools, a bit of time and minimal skill, replacing your toilet is a DIY project you’ll be able to tackle.

It will take about one day for you to remove your old toilet and for the new one to be installed. You’ll need a few tools and materials on hand as well. Those items are:

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Wax Seal
  • Open-Ended Wrench
  • Two-Piece Water Closet
  • Toilet Seat

The first step is to shut the water off to the toilet. This is done with the supply valve being shut off. The next step is to remove the lid to the tank and flush the toilet. Next you will need to remove the water from the toilet. It is a good idea to have a plunger handy so that you can remove the most amount of water and reduce mess.

On the base bowl you will notice caps; remove them from the bowl and use the wrench to take the nut off. Your next step is to remove the supply tube away from the toilet stop. You can do this by moving the toilet back and forth while you lift it. You’ll want to place something inside of the opening after the toilet has been removed. This will prevent nasty stench and sewer gases from coming into your bathroom. 

Now the new bolts for the toilet need to be inserted. Be sure to use wax on the flange to seal and keep the bolts in an upright position. Now you will want to carefully set the tank onto the bowl. The tank bolts need to be placed in the right holes and tightened until it is no longer wobbly. Do not overtighten the bolts; else you could crack your tank.

The toilet supply tube now must be reconnected to the tank. Once this is done you must refill t tank with water and you must check to ensure that there are no leaks. Put the bolts in place to attach the seat to the toilet.