How to Add Color to your kitchen

No matter the type of kitchen you seek to have in your home, bursts of colors are oftentimes hard to come by. Generally speaking appliances are one of their colors –black, stainless steel, or white –and we try our hardest to get décor that matches. There are many ways that you can add color to your kitchen and make this room even more exciting and fun to be in. take a look at these tips below and in no time at all you’ll have that beautiful, bold and daring kitchen that you desire.

Brighten the Cabinents

Although you probably prefer basic or neutral colors for the outside of your cabinet’s, the inside is a whole other story. You can create contrasting colors to the rest of the color palette in the kitchen. For glass cabinets this is especially beneficial.

Colorful Linens

To make up for the lack of color in the appliances and fixtures in the home, the addition of colorful linens in recommended. Placemats, dish towels, pot holders and napkins are all great accessories that can add a splash    of color where you need it the most. Use coordinating accents to keep the area looking its best.

Let the Outdoors Inside

Plants add life to a room like nothing else can. Place them on the kitchen island, shelves, on the windowsills and anywhere else you have extra space. The green hues can be accented with colorful pots, so go the extra mile to invigorate your space!

Add Backsplash

Backsplash is available in so many exciting colors, patterns, and designs and it certainly kicks in to give your room that burst of color that excitement that it currently lacks.  Placed between the countertop and the cabinets, backsplash is available in both small tile design as well as small mosaics, all adding awesome design to the kitchen area.

Seats Matter

Another easy way to add lots of color and style into the kitchen is with your seating. If you have a kitchen island, consider placing colorful barstools around it. You can also add design to your kitchen table chairs. Ensure that the colors match your existing décor!

A Lighting Affair

Natural lighting is always the best way to illuminate your home. It is easy on the eyes and allows the real colors of the world to wander into your mind. However, when night rolls around, the lighting selected for your kitchen is imperative to its awesome style. Pendant lights, lamps, etc. can always help add the colorful scenery you seek by simply replacing the cover with a red or strongly accented color. How simple is that?


Refrain from the usual dishes and pots and pans and instead choose a bold and beautiful pattern instead. Today you can find dishes in an assortment of colors , including those neon colors and bold colors like red and black. These dishes and pots and pans don’t cost more than the traditional colors and really lets you enhance the look of the room in an instant.