9 Ideas for the Basement

9 Ideas for the Basement

So many homeowners have a bonus room in their home that they let go to waste. This is the basement. Perhaps you’re also guilty of a basement that isn’t being put to good use. Why waste this room when there are so many awesome possibilities? Take a look at these 11 ideas for using your basement and don’t wait any longer to make the most out of every room in your home!

  1. Play Room

Keep the kids bedrooms elegant and use the basement as the playroom. Kids will love the awesome space of fun, and you’ll appreciate how much cleaner your home remains!

  1. The Home Bar

What homeowner doesn’t dream of their own bar? It is possible if you use the basement to its fullest potential. Create your own bar (and don’t forget the drinks) and invite all of the buds over!

  1. Beauty Shop

If you enjoy fixing hair and makeup or otherwise chatting it up with the girls, the basement is the perfect space for getting things done. It is a nice escape for the ladies to go and have the perfect time with one another.

  1. Game Room

A game room is a paradise for so many people young and old. This is a great use for the basement if you or those in your family are gamers. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Collector’s Room

What is your passion? What do you collect? You can easily turn the basement into a room of all of your collectibles, awards, etc. You can keep them protected in the basement but also keep them on display. Isn’t that pretty awesome?

  1. Guest Quarters

Whether family is coming in from out of town or you need a space for your adult child, the basement is easily turn into an extra living quarters with just a few adjustments and additions.

  1. Laundry Room

I you do not have a separate laundry room in your home, here comes the basement to the rescue. Many people prefer keeping the laundry in the basement (with the washer and dryer of curse) because it keeps the hem free of dirty laundry smells and makes it easy to get the clothes done.

  1. TV Room

The basement also serves as a great TV or movie room. What better place to go to watch movies or TV and hang out and rest and relax? It is your personal space to do with as you please.

  1. Wine Room

A wine room is also an idea for your basement. For those that enjoy drinking wine regularly this is an awesome idea.